So, over the past couple of months I’ve been busy moving to / settling into my new hometown of Glasgow. Thoughts of the TCR No.5 have been neatly stored on a shelf in my mind.

My new commute does take in the Clyde Arc everyday – across the river and into the city center. Despite the weather, Glasgow wasn’t a bad choice. With the highlands on my doorstep, a whole host of two-wheeled adventures are waiting to happen.

I’m actually:

A: Studying for a Diploma in Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art.

B: Working part-time at HLM Architects.

I love what I do, but a career in Architecture can absolutely take over your life if you allow it to. Architecture is my inspired career choice, while cycling is my tonic. Both aspects are demanding but incredibly rewarding at times. Riding continues to keep me fit, sane, mindful and happy, and particularly during turbulent times.

The time has already come around, nearly, to register for the Transcontinental No.5. The anticipated information should be released from race director Mike Hall tomorrow (04/10/16), and registration will commence on Monday (07/10/16).

I have compiled notes on my reasons for wanting to enter the Transcontinental No.5. They probably deserve a blog post of their own…

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