March 2017

Training / ‘Training’

In my preparation for the Transcontinental, I don’t have a formal coach or rigid training plan out of choice. Donncha Cuttriss has been great in providing support via email, I’ve been soaking up his wealth of knowledge and training advice since my decision to race the TCR. At the time of writing, he’s holding third place in the Indi-Pac Wheel Race! Cmon..

Getting myself to the start line with good fitness I don’t expect to be to difficult. But being a rookie, it is applying that fitness to the unpredictable demands of the race that is the hard part. My approach to training integrates well around my other life responsibilities. The responsibility – (just one that really puts the brakes on) – is my Architecture studies.  Training comes high priority, I’m able to make time for it everyday most of the time. Having said that, what I am doing isn’t mega miles on a daily basis, far from it. It might be the commute and an hour turbo session at the least, and up to 150km ride on the road at the most. Off the bike, it is core work, yoga and stretching on a daily basis. The current strategy is consistency, high intensity, cadence work and building leg strength. From mid-May, it will be multi-day endurance rides with occasional emphasis on high intensity work.

Despite not riding TCR type days at the moment, I’m feeling strong, motivated and keen to build up some big milage once my final day at uni is done with. This gives me a 10 week window to build up to 300km+ days where the only other commitment I have is a part-time job.

It may rain, but I will ride on and wait for the rainbow.



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