Good luck is the result of good planning. The day to day choices I make are with the ultimate intention of living an optimal life and becoming the best version of myself possible.


Rode from Yorkshire to Venice, great! But not great for bikes. I was on a boat outa there…


My cycle endurance and adventurous exploits have been subject to a slippery slope in recent years. In 2013 I had a short stint with the Biketreks racing academy, racing at national level on the road. Having decided not to pursue road racing as a career, I found a deeper satisfaction in the solace of adventure cycling and ultra racing.



Paris – Brest – Paris – a legendary 1200km brevet in the north of France.


Transcontinental No.4 – a 3500km solo bike packing trip to CP4 (Montenegro) – volunteer.


Transcontinental No.5 – DNF.


Race Across France – a 1050km unsupported race across the French Alps – 5th.


All Points North – a 850km unsupported adventure around the north of England – 13th.

Trans Alba Race – a 1075 mile unsupported bike packing race around Scotland – 2nd.


. . .

I have created this blog in anticipation, in expectation and in pursuit of future discovery on two wheels. Be it ultra racing or aimless adventure, I look forward to sharing my experiences.

If you happen to be passing by Glasgow, give me a shout. Maybe I can show you some of the local roads, or just my local…